Locally, we have about 250 Alumni scattered around the Chicagoland and we’re spread far and wide between the communities from Evanston northward, to the northwest along I-95, out west between I-88 & I-55, a few more down south and roughly 35% within the city limits.

Each year we try to put together a marquee event to bring us all together along with a social engagement or two mixed in.  Admittedly, finding critical mass when many commute in/out of downtown is always tough but we are working to put together engaging content driven events to make taking that last train worth it as well as recruiting regional leaders to coordinate gatherings closer to home.


As a volunteer group our challenges are like most and without a budget our events are dependent upon the generous donations of our collective time, resources and content.

We’re always looking for alumni to host a gathering at work or at home, share expertise by speaking about a current hot topic and even submit; updates, stories, milestones, weddings/babies/anniversaries, promotions, questions to roundtable, if you’re moving to a new area, have a new job, looking for a new job (yes, my hand is raised), starting new ventures as well as life’s adventures to share with the rest of the community.

Currently, Darden Chicago is led by D’08 Duke Best (but he is looking for help).  You can reach us at DardenChicago@DardenAlumni.com or the form via the Contact US page.

You can also reach the school directly via the Darden Office of Engagement.  Michael Woodfolk is the Senior Executive Director and Jen Oliver is the primary alumni contact.  You can reach each of them; from the site link, call (434) 924-4876 or email Alumni@Darden.Virginia.edu.