Earn VC Returns !

Looking for VC returns?

After building a successful Angel investing track record, D’08 Nick Moran has launched his New Stack Ventures fund.  While the SEC prohibits me from actually telling you any details per arcane solicitation rules (you have to hear it directly from Nick) I can attest that this is a great opportunity if you’ve ever considered allocating some of your investments to VC.  While I would love to say more about how his investment thesis and fund structure is truly innovative I’ll stop before I say something that gets him in trouble.  You can reach Nick via Nick@NewStack.vc or I can always make a personal introduction if you want to learn more.


Entrepreneur Alert: Morpheus Consulting

harper_amiel_15_tuxD’15 Amiel Harper is combining his J.D. and MBA to co-found Morpheus Consulting.  The firm’s specializes in discovering and implementing customized ‘big win’ transformations.

Whether internal systems for improving efficiencies of human and financial capital, or improving the efficacy of external communication, we specialize in accelerating the process to exceeding goals.

Amiel was an attorney before Darden and spent the last two years with Tyson Foods.  When asked what he and the firm want to accomplish, he states:

“Our individual partners come to Morpheus to accelerate their careers and upgrade their professional brand. Morpheus goes beyond creating the brand, to identify opportunities in the marketplace and prepare our partner to succeed in those roles.”

morpheus_logoCollectively, Morpheus is an elite group of leaders in business, law, government, and nonprofits.  The firm’s 2017 Pro Bono Client, Mogul Academy, is a nonprofit organization working to create a new generation of teenage entrepreneurs on Chicago’s west side.

Welcome : Jeremy Glazier, D’12

glazier_jeremy_12Jeremy Glazier, D’12, grew up in Canada and relocated to New York City after undergrad.  There he began his career with KPMG’s consulting practice.  After graduating from Darden he obtained his JD from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (in two years!), after which he worked in New York City as an Associate in the Corporate practice at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett.  Eager to return to Chicago, Jeremy relocated from NYC this past fall, and is currently working as an Associate in the Private Equity Group at Perkins Coie, LLP.

“As a corporate lawyer I don’t have a ton of time off, but when I do have some spare time I like to play hockey in the winters and golf in the summers.  As you probably guessed from my connection to Canada, I am a huge hockey fan.  Another perk of being from the great white north is that Chicago winters don’t intimidate me at all… I actually find them quite refreshing!”

Welcome : Herbert Haas, D’15

haas_herbert_15Herbert Haas, D’15, is moving to Chicago from Vienna, Austria.  That may sound like an odd route but Herbert was born in Vienna, Austria.  Before Darden he studied business administration and worked in Vienna for Umdasch Shop Consult in London and KPMG (Transaction Services).  Not to be all work and no play, in his spare time he co-founded a soccer club (Blues FC).  At Darden, Herbert shifted his career focus to management consulting and after Darden he took a year assignment overseas with BCG and is now transferring to the company’s Chicago office (starting Feb 1).  While engaged to his longtime love Andrea during his time in Charlottesville, they married after graduation and recently welcomed their daughter Mia.

Welcome : Priti Dhanda, D’12

dhana_priti_12Welcome to Chicago D’12 Priti Dhanda.  After starting her post Darden career with Starwood, she is moving from the NYC area to start new role with Hyatt.  Many of you, myself included may be nervous about our beloved SPG after the Marriott acquisition but Priti assures that we should be okay for another year as Marriott doesn’t have plans to make major changes until 2018.  Whew !

I am super excited about Chicago and sad about leaving Starwood.  I will be moving with my fiancé Ashok.  He is works in healthcare strategy at Accenture that gives us flexibility to move around.  We just bought a condo in Lincoln Park and officially move to Chicago on Jan 1.

Welcome : Jason Qiu, D’06

qiu_jason_06Jason Qiu, D’06, comes to Chicago after a 10 year finance career with a global manufacturing company based in Richmond VA.

While Jason, his wife and 2yr old daughter all loved Virginia, his wife recently accepted a couldn’t resist offer with Alliant, a growing online credit union based near O’hare, and will start work in Jan 2017.

As such, Jason is starting to explore new career opportunities as well as moving the family fairly soon.  He would appreciate any job leads and contacts (primarily finance director type positions) as well as general information about the city (where to live, etc.).

The new position puts the family in a tight spot as they’ll be living in two cities and two time zones until Jason can secure a position locally.  You can reach Jason via email at jasonqiu78@gmail.com with any job leads, recommendations, welcome notes, etc.

movers_shakersD’89 Marla (Stempler) Buerk is now Executive Vice President at Dairy Management Inc.
D’03 Peter Harrison is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley
D’08 Nick Moran via New Stack Ventures is the lead investor in Print With Me
D’11 David Turco is now a Director at AloStar Capital Finance
D’14 David Cockerill is now Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group
D’16 Katie Griffith is now a Senior Associate at Strategy&
D’16 Wei Liao is now a Senior Associate at Strategy&
D’16 Vivek Mehta is now a an Associate at McKinsey & Company

Entrepreneur Alert: AE Machines

ae_machinesD’15 Eric Minnick has launched AE Machines, an engineering company for designing tools to make automation design and implementation accessible to a broader group of people and businesses.  AE Design Tool allows you to design an automated system — one with hardware and software components.  After you’ve created your design, download code to power a littleBits Arduino and purchase the hardware through AE to make your design come to life.

movers_shakersD’12 Ryan McCollum is now a Senior Strategy Associate at KPMG

D’ 12 Semyon Shtulberg is now a Strategic Planning Manager at Aurora Health Care

D’13s Matt and Blythe Fallon have moved to Chicago.  Matt is an Associate Director of Marketing with Kraft Heinz and Blythe is the Online Merchandiser for Grainger