Entrepreneur Alert: Morpheus Consulting

harper_amiel_15_tuxD’15 Amiel Harper is combining his J.D. and MBA to co-found Morpheus Consulting.  The firm’s specializes in discovering and implementing customized ‘big win’ transformations.

Whether internal systems for improving efficiencies of human and financial capital, or improving the efficacy of external communication, we specialize in accelerating the process to exceeding goals.

Amiel was an attorney before Darden and spent the last two years with Tyson Foods.  When asked what he and the firm want to accomplish, he states:

“Our individual partners come to Morpheus to accelerate their careers and upgrade their professional brand. Morpheus goes beyond creating the brand, to identify opportunities in the marketplace and prepare our partner to succeed in those roles.”

morpheus_logoCollectively, Morpheus is an elite group of leaders in business, law, government, and nonprofits.  The firm’s 2017 Pro Bono Client, Mogul Academy, is a nonprofit organization working to create a new generation of teenage entrepreneurs on Chicago’s west side.