Welcome : Jason Qiu, D’06

qiu_jason_06Jason Qiu, D’06, comes to Chicago after a 10 year finance career with a global manufacturing company based in Richmond VA.

While Jason, his wife and 2yr old daughter all loved Virginia, his wife recently accepted a couldn’t resist offer with Alliant, a growing online credit union based near O’hare, and will start work in Jan 2017.

As such, Jason is starting to explore new career opportunities as well as moving the family fairly soon.  He would appreciate any job leads and contacts (primarily finance director type positions) as well as general information about the city (where to live, etc.).

The new position puts the family in a tight spot as they’ll be living in two cities and two time zones until Jason can secure a position locally.  You can reach Jason via email at jasonqiu78@gmail.com with any job leads, recommendations, welcome notes, etc.